IT Ingenuity

If your house was burning down, what 3 items would you pick up?

I firmly believe that no one would be sensible enough to even put on pants if they thought they were in danger of burning to death, yet in the cold light of a ludicrous question like that… I bet a fair amount of people would say their phone.

As this blog clearly highlights, I’m a geek at heart and am often called upon to answer IT questions for a range of people who inhabit my small sphere of life.  But as they typically just want the answers, not the method, this seems like an excellent place to tell even more people that don’t care what I discovered.

Welcome to IT Ingenuity. Where everything is so simple, it’s almost like I made it up!

Safe to say I’ll stick to the basics here. My fave blogsites and forums are provided in links if you have a preference to hear from real IT people. I’m just here for those tidbits you probably didn’t know about your electronic equipment.

Disclaimer: I have no IT qualifications. This is all DIY knowledge which makes it infinitely more reliable than people who know so much that they don’t understand what the problem is in the first place!


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