Classic & Cult Cinema

When a person has talented grandparents who can play all the classics on piano or organ and accompanied vocals with the less-talented aunts, who, if you hear people singing loudly down the street, you have met them! You grow-up with a knowledge of movies that is a fast fading memory for most people. And consequently… you get a blog page dedicated to classic and cult movies.

I have no idea on the purpose of this section, except to say that it’ll expand your cinematic knowledge and maybe provide a trip down memory lane for those who already know the classics or cults.

It boggles my mind that some people haven’t seen The Wizard of Oz or Casablanca.  So maybe if you hear from someone who is not over 60 years old recommending a watch, there may be some interest to do so.

Flick through the flicks… I guarantee watching them will make your life-lightbulbs brighten as someof those “adult” references that have never made sense finally click into place.


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