It’s what we’re all doing, living it up whilst growing up! Welcome to a place where you’ll find everything you didn’t realise you should know, stuff you already probably know and other important things you shouldn’t live without knowing!

This blog is like an Espresso Martini, it’s a sensible conservative beverage and when you start drinking them at 1am by 7am you’ll curse life for being so sensible and conservative when you have to wake up for work on Thursday.

This site represents the misunderstandings and the silliness in living, along with clearing up some misconceptions on living seriously.

Make sense? If it does, please contact me on my fake contact details and tell no one what you understand because no one cares anyway.

Have a read of the other pages to get a sense of why this blog exists. It’s always about the writer after all.  But trust in a stranger that you’re bound to find something new within these four-cyber-walls!

As serious as life gets, there’s a touch of silliness to balance it out.


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