Chronicles of Mithria

I love finding new authors and new series to read.  Some authors have a true gift for creating worlds of immense detail and engaging characters – which have to be two of the most important features for a book to me alongside good writing.  Some downfalls for writers are creating too overly complex worlds, characters that you don’t care about and can be too simple in the language.  NONE of these apply to this new author I discovered.   Kyri Greaht came across my viewing from Wattpad. Oh how the internet and smartphones have changed our worlds.  This first book has only had the prologue released so far but I was captured from this – and can’t wait to read more.  I plan on updating this post as I get more of the book from the author.  I suspect a new world here that is different from any I have read before – plus the star signs on the cover are neat!   In fact, this probably deserves a new section on this blog for so-called undiscovered authors.  Every new creator needs some additional publicity in this world! I shall come back to that later.  Jump on Wattpad and enjoy!

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