Wheel of Time Series

By Robert Jordan

To mix things up I am writing this as I am reading the series, rather than relying on the reliably unreliable memory stores of how I enjoyed a series. Call me crazy for this method! In fact, I’m creating a new category to track my reading and aptly calling it “what I’m reading now” (sensational creativity at work with that title)

I’ve hit a huge pot-hole of boredom that a monster-truck would struggle to climb out from book 10 of this series and thought I better get my thoughts down before everything gets lost by book 13 (come on, 13 is a big effort to remember by the end).

I have confusion over my feelings for this series. Clearly I continue to read them and parts of each book I enjoy but overall I caught a massive case of “I don’t care what happens to this character” infection and it won’t go away.wheeloftime

Jordan seems fixated on intrigue, strategy and tactics that completely smother the characters and plotline. Everyone seems to be maneuvering for the great final battle but it’s a bit of a snore. I want people using awesome powers, having fiery relationships with a lot of romantic suspense and all I am getting is “this person seems to be moving to this location… why would they do that?” or “what really happened at [insert one of MANY locations] and what does it mean for the final battle?” YAWN!

On top of that, there seems a penchant for Jordan to describe every single article of clothing down to the boots and the scenery in avid detail. Blah! Get on with it already. I don’t care what colour the dresses are; kill someone already or have a big battle.  Even the characters (called Aes Sedai) who are meant to be cool, calm powerful, badass chicks are starting to simper and weep! Even they are crying about how they’re not getting anywhere in the plot. (Actually I am a little peeved that he has suddenly humanised these characters. They have a reputation to uphold but it’s unfolding before my eyes and it’s terribly disappointing!)

The intrigue, I am assuming, is trying to build to a crescendo that all magically fits together in the end but the journey along the way is lacking in it’s execution and yes, I’m BORED!

Key note to those fantasy writers out there – you created a world and people want something to happen in it!

I’ll summarise the series for my regular Read-Ability post but for now, book 10 is painful and I sincerely hope book 11 provides more stimulation than colours of trees and dresses whilst no one does anything.


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