Anna Fehrbach Series by Christopher Nicole

Anna Ferhbach SeriesFiction is my favourite type of history. When an author goes to the trouble of crafting historical events around fictional characters, you don’t need to try and remember what you learnt in school and it feels like you are learning whilst being entertained. The perfect combination.

This series is fantastic if you are interested in modern history combined with a spy / assassin theme. I’m not normally one for spy novels; I get a little frustrated with “suspense” in books where they can easily just pluck the “whodunit” bad-guy out of nowhere and it’s meant to be clever.

This book though the baddies are true historical figures from Nazi Germany during WWI. The goody is a kick-ass femme fatale who goes around killing people.  You will spend the whole series rooting for the protagonist but feeling slightly guilty about it because she really behaves more like the bad-guy. More than that, I like to wish this type of person really did exist and was that beautiful and deadly. In fact, I wish I were that beautiful and feared at the same time. There have been reports and stories about these women truly existing throughout the war but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good series.

This series is one for boys and girls. Have a read and enjoy some learning the easy-way.


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