Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

by J.R. Ward

WARNING: do not read these on public transport if you find it even remotely embarrassing to be reading very hot sex scenes whilst on the way to work (because we all know everyone takes a snoop over the shoulder of the person reading next to us).

This is what those twitty Twilight books wish they could be. Yes it’s the adult version and Stephanie Meyer may have succumbed to the moral obligation to minimise sex for the kiddies, but if you’re an adult then the fluffy-love stuff can be left for the twits and treat yourself to this series (or if you’re a teenager reading this recommendation… you’re welcome!)

Hollywood kind of kills the vamp thing. They pick scrawny little men to play them and go heavy on the “nearly bleach” coloured foundation. They save all the shirt-removal scenes for werewolves and we know the underdog (2 puns in one paragraph, I’m bastardising the genre myself now) is not as sexy as the dark, brooding, troubled vamp. This series has very large, imposing vamps and I sincerely hope a production company doesn’t come along and cast Josh Hartnett (is he even acting any more) or Patrick Dempsey for any of the roles.

Anyway enough slandering on the fad-view of vampires. Try this series out and see what the real fuss on vampires is about.

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