MacBook Choice

This wasn’t going to be my first topic in this forum, but happens to be an email I needed to send to someone on the points of a MacBook, the difference in models and why I recommend them as a product (personal recommendation, don’t bite my head off if you feel passionate about Dell’s or somesuch)

Ok first let’s start with the why a MacBook:

  • Apple have constant software updates that are done by the click of a button. Fantastic for lazy people and people who don’t understand what the software is doing in the first place.  Plus the updates are free so you won’t be spending money on an update that means nothing to you.
  • Security – apple software includes all the security you (should) need. They regularly patch issues with security via the aforementioned software updates.  This is particularly important for those using free wifi spots which have viruses lurking amongst the frappacino machines at Starbucks. Again, security is ‘free’.
  • Personally, working on a computer all day takes the fun out of playing on one at night. A different interface on an apple makes it less work-like and more fun-based. Alternate functionality on iWork and iLife (main software for apple macs) is also good to learn and more enjoyable than anything the Windows-based laptops offer.  On the flip-side of this, if you plan on using your Mac for at-home-work… Steer clear! There is HUGE compatibility issues with Excel, Word and other Microsoft Office products on Macs, particularly for those that find Microsoft confusing enough on their PC’s.
  • Personally, I love the designs of the Macbooks. Great keyboard typing, love the mousepad and the screen quality is great (in a nutshell!)
  • Finally, if you have a lot of mac products, iphone, ipad, ipod… you might as well get a macbook because everything is super compatible. Yes that sounds like apple have captured you into their big bad corporation world but they bloody know what they’re doing so who are you to complain?

Ok onto the models:

    • MacBook Air… I don’t have a friggin clue what the appeal is for these things. No hard drive means no storage. It’s like a big iPad. Fun, but useless unless docking into a bigger desktop system like using a mac mini.
    • MacBook Pro Retina Display – these are the latest. If you aren’t into tech specs, the basics are, it’s fast and has great screen quality. I’ve seen comments that the retina display causes ghosting and avid computer people claiming not to get it because it’s first generation apple product and don’t fall for being a guinea pig. But… horses for courses! Retina display is more expensive than older models which, if you don’t know computers, means you don’t give a crap!

  • MacBook Pro – ok here we go, basic model for basic uses. First thing to note is that there are 2 screen sizes and 2 speeds under each screen size.  Pick them first by screen size (13” or 15”)… I recommend 15” because bigger is better. But I actually use a 13” cos at time of purchase I didn’t think I’d use it enough to care how big the screen was (true at the time, 4 years later I want an upgrade) So choose for yourself. After that comes how fast it is. Faster = more expensive. If you don’t use it much or are not a nerd, go the slower because the cost won’t be worth it when you can’t tell the difference. From then on, it’s all memory and storage which can be upgraded anyway so choose on the first 2 features because they can’t be changed. The software is all updated along the way. Eventually the software will become too fast for your macbook but you can’t change that fact with any of your choices so don’t worry about it!

Oh and a final note – if you don’t need the portability factor then the MacBook is just as expensive as the iMac. So think about where you want to take this thing.

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