Topical Topic #1: Dates vs. Prunes

Have you ever looked at that shriveled-turd-shaped fruit in the packet and thought, “yum this looks tasty and healthy for me”?

Well that would be a good thought to have but you could be talking about either the prune or a date.  So allow me to assist in your decision on which of the ugly little shits to consume.

Turns out there is actually a date tree (and no sadly it doesn’t grow “tall dark and handsome”) whereas a prune is a dried plum. So it grows on trees too… It’s quite a topic we’re embarking on today.

Both will help with active bowl movement (fun!) and actually have a lot of calories BUT only the date acts like an aphrodisiac and increases your libido… This naturally leads to the question of the difference between your libido and an aphrodisiac. We assigned this as homework and soon lost interest in the topic of prunes vs dates.

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