I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

I’m aiming high to start this section with Casablanca, it’s a lot of pressure to put on oneself to perform.

My grandma used to have a picture of Humphrey Bogart on her wall and I swear the eyes used to follow me around her lounge room. This may attribute to the fact this is the only movie of his that I enjoyed. He smolders too much (although I think men generally should bring back the smolder) Ok back to the movie…

I always have an eery feeling about black and white films. LCD screens have made us all a bit of a colour-snob. Don’t let the lack of colour turn you off. The characters are brilliantly quirky, the script infinitely memorable and that ending…

As far as awards go, I’m fairly certain it won about umpteen of them. This is an era where Oscar-winners could be enjoyable watches and blatantly racist with officious political views (wait, that sounds familiar). Actually, you may even classify this as a rom-com. And I don’t think we’re ever going to see a Katheine Heigl movie win an Oscar, not least because she verges on irritating.

Casablanca, been there, saw the movie, you should do both too.

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