Sword of Truth Series

By Terry Goodkind

“Read Book One, Wizards First Rule, discover your inner-geek-love for fantasy”

My first deep sojourn into an “adult” fantasy series so it gets a recommendation purely on the narcissistic-view “if it got me liking fantasy, it will get everyone to enjoy fantasy” (no but really, I do have incredibly good taste)

If you don’t like fantasy books I can only recommend reading the first in the series Wizards First Rule. Whilst I would generically say I enjoyed the series, somehow Goodkind managed to make every second-book a worthy read and the rest couldn’t live up to book 1 expectations.  Pillars of Creation didn’t even have the main characters of the first 7 books… I flicked to the end where they finally appeared… Ok so I haven’t technically read the whole series if you include the skim-read on that one!

A friend felt there were too many fight/war scenes, which is a fair assessment and you’ll also find overtly religious and political themes too (not an unusual occurrence in a fantasy series but can create a yawn-factor for those that just like a well-spun tale of goodies and baddies)

On that point, there are some fantastic baddies in these books – one of my key criteria in a successful fantasy world. Who cares about a goody being so damn righteous all the time? Well maybe you do… so you’re in luck, the goodies have high-moral standards and….. yawn…

Give book 1 a try if you want an adult Harry Potter experience or the whole series if you enjoy fantasy.


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